Inventions & Prototypes

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I have been interested in design since the early 80’s when I was exposed to The Bauhaus School and many architect/designer/artists such as Le Corbusier, Eileen Grey, Breuer, Mies Van der Rohe, Oskar Schlemmer, Rietveld, Loos, Schindler, Neutra, Hoffman, Frank Lloyd Wright, Gaudi, Charles Rennie Macintosh, and Eames (just to name a few!). I was impressed with their buildings but also with the furniture and practical household items that they designed, and most importantly the theories and concepts they realized their ideas with, such as”less is more” and “form follows function.”


This inspired me to design and build my own electronic drum kit in 1983, for which I was awarded 3 patents. And ever since then I have been fooling around with developing products or concepts that I see a need for.

I first started stacking cymbals in 1978 with UK. Below is the 1st Zildjian china given to me when I got w/ Zappa in ’75 on top of the Zildjian ride I used on “Baby Snakes”. I used this stack with UK and Missing persons.

Then this “tree” type of arrangement became a key aspect of my playing style. Originally with a chinese bell on top, closed hi hat and stacked china over a ride, I now use a Factory Metal combo on top.

tree erlymp

At that time I started using an all roto tom kit for which I developed a practical tom mounting system.

uk uk1 uk2

Then I developed one of the first overhead cymbal racks, and a spring mounted felt BD beater apparatus to strike a gong so you wouldn’t have to put down your stick to play it.


When I went back to playing all acoustic drums in 1985, I created the idea of playing roto tom castings as bells and as hi hats – it was later marketed as “spoxe.”


In ’76-’77 I asked a guy to build a practical double pedal for me out of my Camco strap pedals. He came up with the universal joint idea and took it to DW and after many further developments, the most popular double pedal in history was born! (I still have the prototype!)

org_dbl_ped org_dbl_ped2 org_dbl_ped3

TBX Electronic Pad


In 1985 I began working with Don Lombardi of DW Drums to market my TBX electronic drum pad and we brought it out just as the bottom fell out of the electronic drum market. Only a few were sold and now they are collectors items!

Below are what I have left of it: the cymbal pad bar, some plates and pads from the lower section, a very early prototype of the pedal and some experimental materials w/ the dates they were put on (to see how long they would last!)

tbx_cym tbx_ped_proto tbx_ped_proto2

tbx_ped_proto3 tbx_ped_proto4 tbx3_proto

tbx3proto3 tbx3_proto4

The above 2 examples were the actual working 3 zone pads from the kit.

In the early ’80s I asked Don to make me a 3 point gong holder so I could play a gong as a ride cymbal.

3pt_gong_st gongmount gongmount3

Then in the later 80’s, I asked Don to rig up a double pedal that would allow me to play a Bass Drum out past my floor toms and the remote bass drum concept was born! Now we are using the same concept for remote hi hats as well.


Now I use the DW 9000 pedal but still w/ a Nylon strap. But I have them customize the cam adjustment to have a different shape and a longer throw to the extention adjustment underneath, so it more imitates the original cam shape and action.

custom9000cam custom9000cam2

Mid 80’s when I went back to acoustic drums, I started to use mini hats, as I had that sound mounted on the snare pad of the electronic kit.

Here are my closed mini hhats i use on either side of my snare today.

minihat minihat2

Now I am happily working with DW, Sabian, Attack, and Vic Firth who all market my latest products under the TB signature logo.

You can now buy my Signature series Drumheads and Sticks on this site.

sm_attack3 sm_vicfirth

With DW I have the TB Tonal Beater (light aluminum w/3 velcro-on striking surfaces, no longer available). I now use Puresound beaters & snares, w/ beaterDW /TB Sound Enhancers. (which fit on any beater).

tonal_beater tonal_beater2

The TB Sound Enhancers (tambourine jingles, shakers, finger cymbals, and more that attach to your BD beater to expand the orchestrational capabilities of your BD sound).

Shown below are some prototypes.

soundenhancer_proto_shkr soundenhancers


The TB Signature Piccolo Toms (2″x8″ single head drums) for melodic playing in groups-or as a “Foot Tom” used w/pedal. Below are the 2 headed prototypes w/ off set mini lugs, and one of the earlier picc tom bank holder prototypes.

picc2_dblhd picc2_dblhd2

picc_bankproto picc_bankproto2 picc_bankproto4

The 2 images below are the original single head w/optional snare strainer. DW sells the metal single headed model in a few sizes. I currently use a deeper 3″ double headed model, w/full size lugs.

picc_sing_hd picc_sn

And a new TB Tune Secure device which prevents unwanted detuning, lug loosening, and back turning, but allows normal tuning and rapid head changing with a drill! This is probably the most important thing i have invented, as tuning to specific pitches and staying in tune are so critical to me! They are available in standard lug (24 thread per inch) sizes and fit most standard rims, but work best with DW True Pitch lugs (30 thread per inch).

tunerz tunerz2


With Sabian I have developed the TB Radia cymbal line designed to adhere to my melodic cymba style of playing. TB Radia cymbals have a dark sound, more fundamental pitch, and a shorter duration in order to work in matched melodic sets of 4 to 8 cymbals. We have everything from splashes & crashes to chinas, bells,chimes, hihats, and gong.

orig_radia_proto2 radia_ink_proto

radia_ride radia_ride2

A Radia ride cymbal (shown above) is coming soon!


With Attack-Universal Percussion I have the TB signature Mylar drumheads with a crimped on steel rim. Clear, Coated, No Overtone BD, Black Thin-Skin BD Fronts, White Dot Snare & Medium Snare side, and many more are available. Full, rich,resonant, accurately tunable heads that won’t pull out at the rim & last longer than other similar weight mylar heads.

With Vic Firth I have the TB signature sticks “Phase 1&2” designed to enhance my finger bounce technique and pull more low end out of the toms by increasing the weight at the front of the stick. Phase 2 with a balanced, small, unobtrusive felt mallet at butt end for dual action rapid change between stick and mallet.

Shown below are several wacky prototypes that show the development from my Promark 777 oak model to the Vic Firth Phase 1.


Shown below are some fun things i keep lying around. These are the original bongos and cowbells I played on “The Black Page “! And my original Joe Pollard “SynDrums” from Baby Snakes.

blk_pg_bongos zappa_syndrums

A well worn Jeff Beck Deuce Music logo on my anvil case.


A joke Thomas Nordegg ( Roadie for Zappa and Missing Persons) logo from the Zappa days on an anvil case from the mid 70’s.


A metal thing I made out of DW hi hat parts which I use w/ a hard BD beater.


Missing Persons logo over the Zappa period case.